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  Falls Lake  - Neuse River Basin
   Project Information:
       Description of Project
       Pertinent Data
       Water Control Plan
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Aerial view of Falls Dam and LakeFalls Visitor Center
  Real-time Information
     Today's Daily Report - For all of Wilmington District's Reservoirs
     Today's Daily Report - Falls Lake only
     Recent Stage and Flows for the Neuse River Basin
     Plot of Recent and Forecast Falls Lake Levels, Inflows and Outflows (updated weekly)
     Elevation, Rainfall, Inflow, Outflow and Water Supply data for the past 180 days
  Historic Information
     Monthly Maximum and Minimum Elevation, Flow and Rainfall - Since 1984
     Daily Elevation, Inflow and Outflow Data for each period shown below:

     1981 - 1989        1990 - 1999        2000 - 2009         2010 - present

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