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Monthly Kerr and Lower Roanoke Operational Plots in Adobe PDF Formats

This page provides access to monthly operational plots for the John H. Kerr project and the lower Roanoke River downstream of the Roanoke Rapids Dam. Specifically, the first plot shows the estimated daily average basin rainfall above the John H. Kerr project, computed hourly inflow, average daily outflow, the hourly reservoir level, and the guide (rule) level. The second plot for each month shows computed daily average basin rainfall over the lower Roanoke River basin, the hourly river flow at the Roanoke Rapids stream gage, and the hourly stages at the Scotland Neck and Williamston stream gages. Each file below has both plots for the entire year in Adobe PDF format. Each file is about 4 to 5 MB in size.

Caution: Information is provided "as is" with no warranty to be up to date or error free.

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